We try to meet the needs of our customers. By purchasing Maintance package, you get a complete package for creating any site without coding knowledge. You don’t need a high starting amount to buy plugins. All you have to do is make a monthly payment and you have access to whatever you choose. In addition, we will provide you with updates, backups, check for broken links, make your site visible, and provide support. Just write to us and we will be happy to advise you. We will provide guidance and appropriate assistance in the development of your website.

You get access to the plug-ins as soon as you pay for the maintenance package. You can find plugins in the download section of your account.

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We will need an admin access to your site or sites so that we can implement the licence keys. Contact us via the contact form.

Of course, as part of the Maintance package. You need to create and provide an admin account for us on your site. We will be happy to install your plugins for you.

Yes, licenses are legally purchased and we have the ability to provide them to our customers based on license agreements.

Yes, plugins will be updated regularly according to developer updates, as if you owned them.

 You can cancel or suspend Maintance package at any time, without notice. Premium plugins are only available during Maintance Package purchasing, so they will be uninstalled after the Maintance package is terminated or suspended.